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AssistancePatient Advocate Foundation was founded in 1996 with the primary purpose of providing mediation and arbitration services to patients, providers, family members and caregivers of those dealing with significant medical issues and the impact on their lives.

Originally operating with a 2 person volunteer staff, PAF’s first year served 156 patients. Throughout the years, as you can imagine, PAF’s staff size and numbers of patients served has grown significantly. Today PAF operates with more than 200 caring professionals offering individualized and sustained case management services to those in need, and since inception, our team members have closed more than 780,000 patient cases.

Our staff is committed to quality assistance to patients from all areas of our country, as they are challenged by chronic and debilitating disease. We are here to help. Listed below are avenues of support available for all patients.

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Available patient services from Patient Advocate Foundation:

Case Management
One-on-one assistance with a professional case manager to help patients, caregivers or providers resolve healthcare issues. Case Managers are available to assist patients, caregivers and their providers who face debilitating, chronic or life threatening disease.
Call toll free at 1-800-532-5274 (Se habla Español)

Specialized Programs
Through supported grants, partnerships and targeted donations, PAF operates additional dedicated programs to meet the needs of specific groups of patients, caregivers and providers.

MedCareLine Specialty Case Management Programs
The MedCareLine is a division of Patient Advocate Foundation staffed with a team of nurses and case managers who provide individualized case management services to a specific population of patients, caregivers and providers.

Financial Aid Fund Division
This independent division of Patient Advocate Foundation provides small grants to patients who meet financial and medical criteria. Grants are provided on first-come first served basis and are distributed until funds are depleted. Qualifications and processes for each fund may differ based on fund requirements. Patients must apply individually for assistance under this division.

Co-Pay Relief Program
Operating as an independent division within PAF, the Co-Pay Relief program offers copay assistance for Insured applicants meeting disease and income eligibility guidelines to help patients afford the cost of pharmaceutical medications and treatments.

Partnership programs
PAF works in conjunction with many nonprofit and corporate partners, including but not limited to, American Cancer Society, LIVESTRONG, and Cancer Treatment Centers of America to meet the needs of patients across the United States.

Outreach & Support Programs
PAF performs community-based educational and outreach programs geared towards increasing access to quality healthcare for underserved populations. Contact us to see when we will be in your area next.

Patient Services - Program Disclaimer
PAF operates numerous mission-related programs that serve to assist patients in need. To view the program disclaimer notices for our Case Management, Specialized Programs, Financial Aid Fund and Co-Pay Relief programs, please click here.