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National Underinsured Resource Directory Booklet


This publication is intended to help underinsured individuals and families locate valuable resources and seek alternative coverage options or methods for better reimbursement.

Information is being provided in three ways:
  • A brochure that outlines recommendations.
  • A series of pull-out cards with suggestions for resolving specific issues.
  • A list of useful resources.

Having these suggestions handy will be helpful when speaking to your providers or insurance representatives. Each pull-out card includes space for note taking if necessary.

For those with access to the Internet, a more comprehensive model is offered through an interactive tool at

Patient Advocate Foundation published The National Financial Resources Guidebook for Patients: A State by State Directory after identifying the need for a comprehensive resource to provide information for people seeking relief for a broad range of needs. Some of these included housing, utilities, food, transportation to medical treatment, and children's resources. An interactive online tool was developed in 2001. The most current version of this information can be found on our website at

In 2008, PAF noted a growing trend within its annual Patient Data Analysis Report, the annual statistical report compiled from the records of families who were served by PAF's patient service division. Of the patients who contacted PAF in 2008, more than 60% reported debt crisis issues as their primary concern. Further research revealed that 56% of those were related to healthcare expenses incurred by a person after the onset of an illness. We found that nearly 94% of these patients were fully insured. This last statistic is important as it reflects a growing crisis among America's underinsured population. These individuals are most frequently working, middle class Americans who are covered by a health insurance plan but cannot sustain financial stability after they have been diagnosed with a serious illness.

SECTION 1: Health Insurance and the Underinsured
SECTION 2: Financial Issues
SECTION 3: Access
SECTION 4: Protections
SECTION 5: Definitions
SECTION 6: Patient Resources
SECTION 7: Bibliography